Pancake Day

13th February 2018

It’s fun, easy and it’s making a big difference!
Oh, and it involves PANCAKES!

Every year people come together for Pancake Day to flip for a good cause. The reality is that 1 in 7 Australians are living in poverty with 1 in 6 children affected, that’s 2.9 million Australians too many. By hosting your very own Pancake Day event in February or March, you will be helping Australians living in crisis including those experiencing homelessness, domestic violence, addictions and financial hardship.

Join us and flip
for a good cause

Here’s how it works. It’s really that easy!

Register your Pancake Day event. We will then send you a free host pack.

Plan your event, think of a time, place and what you will do.

The big day! Get cooking and have fun!

Don’t forget to bank the funds you’ve raised.

Uniting will use the funds you’ve raised to help people living in crisis.


Can’t host or attend an event? You can still support people living in crisis.


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