1. Who is Uniting?

Uniting Vic.Tas, known as Uniting, is the community services organisation of the Uniting Church in Victoria and Tasmania. We’ve been supporting Australians for over 100 years.

We’re about building capacity and confidence in children, young people and families, people with disability, older people and people newly arrived in Australia. We work with people at risk of or experiencing financial crisis, homelessness, mental illness and problems with alcohol and other drugs, by empowering them with the support they need to succeed.

Our services reach to Albury-Wodonga in the north, Mallacoota in East Gippsland, the Wimmera region in the west, and across Tasmania.


2. What is Pancake Day?

Pancake Day is the Uniting Church in Victoria and Tasmania’s annual community fundraising event held on Shrove Tuesday. Shrove Tuesday is traditionally the final day to eat all the fat, eggs and dairy products in your kitchen before the start of Lent – a time of abstinence and reflection in the 40 days before Easter.

Each year hundreds of people register to hold Pancake Day events in their homes, schools, churches, businesses and community groups in February and March. They cook and sell pancakes to raise funds to support Uniting’s work with people in need, including people living without a home, disadvantaged children, families in crisis and those living with disabilities.


3. When is Pancake Day?

This year Pancake Day will be on Tuesday 13 February 2018 and everyone is encouraged to join in the fun by hosting a Pancake Day event. If you are unable to hold an event on the 13th of February, you can do so anytime in February or March.


4. How do I register to hold an event?

It’s easy! Simply register online, or call us on toll free 1800 060 543


5. How do I organise my event?

Holding an event is fun and easy! Download a planning guide where you‘ll find all the information you need including choosing a location, publicising your event, and other helpful hints.

You will receive a complimentary host pack which will give you lots of tips, ideas and fundraising tools to help make your event a success, including posters, balloons and stickers. If you get a bit stuck, don’t hesitate to contact us.


6. Where do I hold my event?

You can hold an event anywhere! The workplace, schools and colleges, local parks, cafes and shopping centres, the main street of your suburb, churches, sporting clubs and in the home are all popular venues for Pancake Day events.


7. How do I publicise my event?

Once registered you will receive a host pack containing promotional material and a media release for you to send to your local media. Try and make your event really creative so that the media will want to be involved – perhaps have a pancake flipping race or a pancake eating competition, arrange interviews with your local radio station, invite local celebrities such as the Mayor or local footy players.


8. When will I receive my event host pack?

We will start sending event host packs in late January. If you haven’t received your pack by the beginning of February (or 5 workings days after you register, if you register in February), please phone us toll free on 1800 060 543 and we will follow this up for you.


9. How can I help Uniting if I’m unable to host an event?

There are other ways you can support Uniting if you’re unable to host an event;


Funds raised

10. How much should we charge for each pancake?

We encourage groups to charge $3 per pancake. It’s up to you whether you charge extra for toppings but perhaps you could do a special deal for your customers, for example, two pancakes for $5, or charge an entrance fee for a pancake flipping race. You can be as creative as you like…every cent counts!


11. Do I charge GST?

No, all registered Pancake Day events raising funds for Uniting are exempt from charging GST on the sale of pancakes.


12. What do we do with the money we raise?

It is important that you return your funds raised as soon as you can after your event. The sooner you return your funds, the sooner we can put them to good use! All you need to do is complete your Funds Raised Form and return it to

PO Box 24154
Melbourne VIC 3001

Funds can be sent in the following ways:

  • Direct deposit, just make sure the name of your group is part of the deposit description so we know exactly who the money is from.
  • Credit card.
  • Cheque/money order payable to Uniting (Victoria and Tasmania) Limited.
  • Cash, but please do not post it! All cash must be delivered in person to the Uniting office at Level 6, 250 Victoria Parade, East Melbourne VIC 3002.


13. What if I can’t find my Funds Raised form?

Download a Funds Raised form here.


14. Where do the funds go?

Funds raised from pancake sales and donations help Uniting provide support to people living in crisis.

Pancake Day is all about local people helping local people. All money raised in Victoria and Tasmania will support services within these states.

Uniting provides a diverse range of services, including:

  • Emergency accommodation and help to get into secure housing.
  • Individual, family and financial counselling and support services.
  • Services for frail, older people.
  • Support and assistance for people with physical, psychiatric and intellectual disabilities.
  • Support for people with drug and alcohol dependency issues.
  • Adoption information and foster care.
  • Tenancy/consumer and legal advice services.
  • Support for vulnerable children, young people and families.

So by holding a Pancake Day event, your efforts will not only be fun but will go towards helping the extensive community care work of Uniting with people living in crisis.

To find out more about how Uniting helps people in our communities please click here.


Cooking Tips

15. How do we cook lots of pancakes?

Use a BBQ with a flat top. Just be sure to clean off any meaty taste with fresh lemons before cooking.


16. How big do we make the pancakes?

It’s up to you really but we recommend about the size of a saucer or small dinner plate.


17. How long do we cook the pancakes?

When the pancake has been flipped on both sides, is golden brown on the outside, fluffy and fully cooked on the inside, it’s ready!


18. How do we stop pancakes sticking to the BBQ?

After each batch of pancakes, be sure to spray the hot plate with cooking oil. Don’t use butter because it burns on BBQs.


19. How do we keep our pancakes hot and fresh?

Stack 5–10 pancakes, wrap them in foil and pack them in an esky. Polystyrene containers are good for keeping pancakes warm too.