Tips and Ideas

How to hold the perfect Pancake Day event

Step 1: Choose date and location

Pancake Day is on Tuesday 28 February but you can hold your event anytime during February and March. Great places to host your Pancake Day event include parks, schools, churches, workplaces, cafes and shopping centres, sporting clubs or even at home!

Step 2: Get creative and have fun!

  • Deck out your venue with Pancake Day balloons and posters which you will receive in your host pack
  • Hold a pancake tossing competition
  • Hold a pancake decorating competition
  • Have a pancake flipping race
  • Invite a local celebrity
  • Partner with a local business and ask them to match the money you raise dollar for dollar

Step 3: Recruit Volunteers

Many hands make light work! Get your co-workers, church members, friends, family and your local community to help out at your event!

Step 4: Get noticed

Promote your event in your local community; a personalised media release is included in your host pack, use it to help promote your event.

Step 5: Holding your event

Pancake tips:

  • Prepare your pancake mix 30 minutes before you start cooking – this makes yummier pancakes!
  • If you’re cooking on a BBQ use oil as butter can burn!
  • We recommend selling pancakes for $3 each, it is up to you if you would like to charge more for toppings.
  • You could even do a deal of $8 for three pancakes!

* Everyone holding an official UnitingCare Pancake Day event is exempt from charging GST on the sale of pancakes.

Look the part:

  • Wear your apron, pop on your badge and get flipping!

Let people know:

  • Tell everyone you know about your Pancake Day event!
  • Perhaps let the police or fire brigade know that you are holding an event.

Step 6: Send in your fundraising

Complete your Funds Raised Form and send it back to us in the pre-paid envelope provided or head to the Pancake Day website and donate the funds raised online! Each event will receive a unique reference code. We ask that you use this as your reference when depositing funds so we know who the deposit has come from and we can receipt you accordingly.

You can hold your event anywhere:

At Home:

  • Invite family and friends over for a Pancake Day breakfast or dinner
  • Have a girls/guys night in

At School:

  • Hold a class Pancake Day event and get students involved!
  • Sell pancakes to the staff, students and parents

At Work:

  • Host a pancake morning tea in your office
  • Challenge your boss to match the funds raised

Sports group:

  • Instead of a sausage sizzle, have a pancake sizzle!

At Church:

  • Have a pancake morning tea after church

Public Events:

  • Choose a site that has lots of people walking past
  • Deliver postcards to businesses